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A game made for gbjam 8. How would a modern horror game would be if it was made in 1992 for the gameboy? This is a short scary experience that answers that question.


Use WASD or Arrows to move and collect 6 dolls.


This game was made in a 3d engine but it uses a shader to render only 4 colors. Some Browsers may have a problem running this game because of that. Please consider downloading the Windows, Linux or Mac version and have fun!


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Come to Play - Windows 21 MB
Come to Play - Linux 21 MB
Come to Play - Mac 30 MB


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This game made me scream multiple times XD, and the game style is very good. One of my favorite games

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it! Be sure to check out my other games.

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This made me jump a few times. Love your art style

Loved every bit of it!

Thank you very much for playing my game! I'm sorry to tell you that I laugh really hard every time you got spooked by it. :) 

For such a brief experience, I still had fun with it. Takes me back to the glory days of GameBoy. I still can’t believe I used to be able to stare at these visuals for hours on end. 


Thanks a lot! This really means a lot to me, I'm also amazed how we 90s kids could stare at small screens with only 4 colors for hours and now it's a little bit more difficult since we're used to higher definition. Thanks againg for featuring my little game :)