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Versteckt (the hidden) is a Cosmic Survival Horror PS1 style game set in the woods near Bariloche, Argentina. 

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Versteckt narrates the story of Daniel and Jaimie, two best friends and aspiring filmmakers in the 90's that get their big break when they're asked by the biggest documentary network to go to Argentina and film a documentary about the Germans that escaped to that country after WW2. While driving through rural Argentina, they see a young girl in the middle of the road which makes them crash their Van. Shortly after, Jaimie disappears... 

You play as Daniel, and now is your choice to either leave or try to find your best friend. Uncover the mystery of a hidden village in the woods populated by German war criminals and cultists. Find out the truth about the little girl on the road, and why there are so many unnatural creatures and monsters in the area? Versteckt is fundamentally a cosmic horror story, filled with uncomprehensible creatures that go beyond the paranormal, atmospheric horror to make you tense, and engaging puzzles that makes you pay special attention to spatial awareness.

Attacking enemies

In order to attack you need to first aim the weapon by holding the left mouse button, and then clicking the right mouse button to fire or attack with your weapon. To Reload use the R key.

Using Items

Daniel - Not Greg



Jamie - Ashton (Suspiciousdishes Gaming)



Developed by Gamedevboi 

Patreon | Youtube | My Discord | Twitter

Special thanks to the subreddit r/argentina for helping me name this game. Aguante Argentina!

About the demo:

As a demo version, I don't want you to be frustrated with difficulty, so it's pretty hard to get killed in this version. You have 3 times more health than I planned for the final version of the game, but since there's no way to save your progress in this version, I decided to cut you guys some slack.

Bugs and Glitches
This is a demo version of the game, sorry if you find some bug. If you find something not listed here, please let me know in discord or twitter so I can fix it for the final version.

-The camera sometimes glitches in the introduction Scene.

-Step sounds are missing in some terrains

-health is restored but not showed when using a herb

-I don't have a way to test the Mac or Linux version, so it may have bugs, but I didn't want to leave you mac and linux users out. You can hit me up on twitter or discord if you find an issue.

Updated 19 days ago
Published 23 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
GenreSurvival, Action
Tags3D, Atmospheric, First-Person, Horror, PSX, Retro, Short, Singleplayer, Survival Horror


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Versteckt Demo v02.zip 225 MB
Versteckt Demo.zip 237 MB
Versteckt Demo v02.zip 225 MB

Development log


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Very awesome!

amigo este juego es muy bueno estoy esperando para jugar el juego completo


Hola, buen juego, muy divertido, lástima que no se pueda acceder al foso, si lo intentas mueres incluso cárgandose el nivel, me gustara que te suscribas a mi canal de Youtube

ahí tienes mas de 1000 gameplays, saludos...

Made a video


I am a 3d modeler and I would like to talk to you, could you give me an email or preferably some other way to communicate with you?

my socials are in the description :) 

I'm having trouble starting discord, you have another way


I really liked this, the graphic style, the story, the controls, the voice acting, all of it was awesome! Really well done and I can't wait to play more! 


Hello, I played this game and I really liked it, looking forward to the full game, good work :)


the game is good


Very creepy game. Gave me Resident Evil 4 vibes. Can't wait to see the finished project. Keep up the good work! 


hi, big thx for the great game. greetings from rosti 😘

Great game!!!


ESTA MUY GODD, espero con ansias el 31 de octubre para jugarlo


I feel a lot of inspiration from RE4 specifically with this game! Definitely not a negative. I like the style and the monsters were cool and creative! The combat is kinda awkward, repetitive, and not so satisfying in my opinion. I do appreciate adding voice acting, not a whole lot of games are willing to do that! I think the biggest thing that's missing for me is some more sound. Or maybe more ambience? Maybe more powerful sounds when fighting? A whole lot of the game just felt way too quiet for me, that's all. I still think this is an awesome demo and I like the creativity a lot! Also I found an easy way to fall off the map lol. Thanks for making the game!

Thanks a lot for this feedback! I'm working towards the final version of the game taking into account all the things you guys have to say about it. Again thanks a lot I'll leave a like and comment in your video :)

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gamedevboi is back at it again with his newest creation Versteckt. Still in the demo stage, this game provides the gamer with a nice atmosphere and brings back that good old Resident Evil vibe with not only the menu system but also it's environment taking inspiration from Resident Evil 4.I'm very excited to see the final product! 


Very fun game!


The game is really bad im on windows and its very very horrible. When you play everything glitchs to water the enemies even running can't catch you nor can they hurt you. I will admit it was funny when he first met the old guy but a game so broken should not be out. The cut scene kept turning black and after you meet the old dude no matter where you go your stuck and confined into that area.


Sorry to hear that, if you could give me more details on how you got stuck so I can see if there's a bug and fix it before the final release. Thanks


I played the game on windows 10 and it ran very well, if the problem is on your computer FROSTCA


Gave it a Let's Play, criticisms/feedback within 

Thanks a lot! I commented your video, this is extremley useful feedback.


hi great game
i play the linux vesion and it work very well


That was great! Good work👍🏾  can’t wait for full game🙏🏽


Proud of you homie. Quality PS1 style game demo!


Thank you my man!! :) 


The game is fun and I enjoyed it for the most part. It really does remind me of Resident Evil as well. Especially with the first time you meet the monster. I just wish the game would tell you that you gotta drag and drop to equip/unequip weapons. Other then that, great game.

Here's my channel for other games I have played. https://www.youtube.com/c/Levont

Noted! I will add a tutorial section for the final release


So good! The feeling of a resident evil game is so good and the use of puzzles and action is perfect.

Just Done with livestream. Full gameplay. Somehow the previous livestream was deleted, but I replayed it today. So this is it: 

Pode trazer uma versão para Android???

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No futuro, após o lançamento do jogo para PC




Good game. Congrats on your work.

LOVE IT . great jobs

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Thanks a lot for playing! This type of content is very useful to me, I need this kind of videos as feedback for the final version of the game. Glad you liked it! :) 

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Hola hermano el cursor no me sale en el juego supongo que es problema de mi pc o sera el juego? como sea esta genial! tengo un bug aveces las cosas se atoran en el inventario y no pude cargar el arma pero realmente me gusto el juego ! y el de la llorona  no tengo valor aun para terminarlo xD saludos!

Hola.Que bueno que te gusto. Dime si estas jugando en Mac, linux o windows y si puedes darme mas detalles de como es que te sale el bug o que hacías antes de que te saliera me ayudaria muchísimo para poderlo replicar y resolver. Saludos

Claro lo que pasa es que al selecionar un item y moverlo aveces no encaja bien en su grid asi que queda volando como se ve la llave y no se puede volver a mover se queda hai pegada y aveces pasa tambien al poner un arma no se puede quitar de las armas para cambiarla al intentar cargar el arma tampoco pude combinar las balas con el arama ni viceversa tambien las examine y el cursor no me aparece asi que para mover las cosas tengo que mover el mouse hasta que vea que estoy sobre un item  aaaa y si me paso por el rio al principio del juego los npc´s no aparecen al parecer debo pasar de primera por el punte sino no hay historia ni npc´s pero lo bueno es que se puede jugar aun haci de lo demas esta genial mi nivel favorito es el del ojo y mas por como recuerda a la ps1 Uso sistema windows de 64bits amd A4 sin grafica con 4 gb ram el juego de la llorona me va bien haci que no se por que me sea el problema saludos! ya quiero acabar el juego completo !

Gracias por los detalles tratare de replicarlos.